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Please help. Having bloating and difficulty going. Usually it’s the opposite. Had a SIBO flare so I’m on antibiotics and probiotics. I stopped Metamucil thinking to was used to firm up loose stools. I’ve been trying Miralax and regular coffee. Not must success. Then I’ve read Metamucil helps if backed up. I’m so uncomfortable and any advice would help.

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Hi. Seems to be much higher up. I feel bloated mid abdomen. But I have had some issues with dysynergy of my rectal sphincter when trying to have a bowel movement. Proven with some odd rectal balloon manometry testing. Never did biofeedback. But this does not seem to be that issue. This feels like I’m backed up higher up the small intestine. But not painful near my prior Ostomy scar and no vomiting so I doubt it is an obstruction. FYI I’m a physician. So of course I’m even more worried and confused than many patients. Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing sometimes.

I like aloe (juice or capsules) for decreasing inflammation, which may be contributing to the backup, and powdered psyllium husk with lots of water helps to soothe the tissues and make a soft, easy to pass stool.  Anything with sugar/fake sugar can be irritating so I'd stay away from that.  Just plain old psyllium husk powder is much better than metamucil for that reason.  No diuretics are needed with this method. 

I get backed up mid-abdomen now and then, even without an ostomy scar to blame it on. It’s pretty miserable for a day or three and then clears up on its own. I tend not to eat anything solid, so I stop my usual psyllium, too, but I work very hard to stay hydrated and out of serious trouble. I’m pretty sure it’s from an adhesion that catches up a loop of bowel, so I treat it with patience.

Hi all - exactly same things here.

prune Juice (NON pulp) is usually my go to. One small cup or those small cans do the trick.

surprisingly I have a similar situation - although the juice helps, I have to distend my stomach and lean back for the final push of gas or poop and ALSO most importantly - while leaving back on the toilet and distending - I press the exactly middle of my abdomen - right below Ostomy towards navel / I feel like that gets things moving.

Scott - how do u treat the adhesions you were mentioning ?

@AK-NY posted:

.Scott - how do u treat the adhesions you were mentioning ?

Most adhesions are best treated by ignoring them (almost all of us have plenty of adhesions after surgery). If they are causing a major disruption to your life it can be worth having surgery to cut them, but the risk is that sometimes the surgery makes things worse instead of better (and sometimes it’s a huge improvement). Adhesion surgery almost always causes new adhesions to form. If you have to have abdominal surgery for a different reason a patient and kind surgeon may take the time (if you ask) to release some nuisance adhesions while they are in the neighborhood, and they will often need to cut some adhesions just to accomplish whatever they’re in there to do.

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