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I'm new to this form. My surgery was 4+ yrs ago. I'm 66 with history of prostate cancer in my family. Just spoke with my surgeon, who said he thinks the "digital rectal exam" for the prostate is very unreliable for those with a J pouch. He and I will discuss further next week. I'm interested in what other opinions are out there.
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My surgeon (1995) warned against a urologist who wasn’t familiar with a Jpouch. His comment was they’d freak and make assumptions. I refused many who wanted to give Dre. I developed anal structure but didn’t know it because I hadn’t had a checkup in several years. I finally got talked into it after a warning of what he might feel. I thought I was being ripped open. The look on his face was so priceless it was almost worth the pain and short bleed. He just said wow I’m sorry. Never again until last year. I have had my GI do it for the past 5 yrs while I’m under for the annual pouchoscopy. I have changed all my doctors in past 5 yrs to female. Better listeners, more gentle and smaller hands, ie fingers. My new surgeon also gave me a prescription for a salve that has a few things in it, lidocaine and muscle relaxer. If you have a problem with the actual exam you can put it on / in to the extent you can in a restroom before checking into the office. I also take it with me and have them use it as the lubricant. My new female urologist is a referral by my surgeon. They talked and had no issues. It’s not pleasant but I can breathe and it doesn’t take me 5 minutes to be able to get up.

Bottom line is I’d get it done but only under those constraints or request it be done while you’re under. By someone who understands the new more improved anatomy.

I’m 63.

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