Hi all,


I'm new to the group and need some advice.

Me 37yeard old

I had UC since the age of 16 and had jpouch surgery in 2010 with a revarcel 8month later.


i have been trying to conceive since 2011 and realised there maybe a problem. Had the dye test done and discovered that both my tubes where blocked. So they where clipped. Then I went onto have ivf which did not succeed. Had a recent go again frozen this time which once again did not succeed. This time my thyroid and sugars where monitored with metformin.


My question is have any of you lovely ladies had treatment for ivf in London and with which clinic..

I am currently with CRGH

I feel so lost and need support.



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Hi Jay

Just joined this and saw your post. Don't know if you're still looking for guidance re IVF in London but I've done 7 cycles, the most recent of which we did at The Bridge in London Bridge, and they've been great. I found that the "mild" IVF that they offer (basically lower doses of medication, more tailored and closely monitored) worked best for me- something about the high doses of stims that other docs tried did not respond well with my system. I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant and starting to feel a bit hopeful (after 2 previous miscarriages). 

It's so hard but hang on in there. And good luck. x

Hi Jessr

Thank you for your response, I have just had another failed round and feel so sad, please could you PM me directly I would like to enquire about the doctor and the treatment that you had maybe this will help me with the next step.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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