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Still doing pretty well after takedown, going to the bathroom about 8 times a day -- once at night.  No urgency and stool is firming up a bit without taking imodium yet.  (I'm going to try some here in a few days -- as well as recommended Metamucil cookies)


Last night I had a very itchy butt, and I think it was hemorrhoids, which I've gotten under control.  I can honestly tell you that just having cotton underwear on seems to help the hemorrhoid issue -- anyone else feel as though having a pad or "depends" might "suck out" hemorrhoids?  Since I went back to try just regular cotton underwear it seems as though things are better!  Just a bit of spotting from time to time.  


Now, having said that, last night I had a bout of itchiness that woke me up and kept me awake.  Does anyone know why and what I might do about it?  


Lastly, I've tried to also stay away from all creams and just keep everything clean with a bidet and pat-drying.  I'm opting for the natural route!




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You may find the itchiness worse because you are not using any barrier creams, truthfully. Certain foods may make itching worse, too. For instance, I avoid them now or eat them sparingly, but when I would eat a bowl of granola (which I love) or too many nuts, things came out like sandpaper, and I'd get tremendous itching from it. Have to go quite easy on those things or I run into that problem. 

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