My 10 year old son has a jpouch which he recieved in Feb. He has been kept awake 90% of our nights since because of itching inside and out. Can anybody help? Our doctors have finally been able to say he has no infections or disease now so even they are at a loss for us.
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Did they also test for yeast?

Yeah, that itch is maddening. There are two products that help me. One is OTC Nupercainal - it's located in the same vicinity as Preparation H. The other product that really helps is Ilex. Drugstores can order for you or you can order it directly from the company. It's the king of butt creams. You need to put a thin layer of vaseline over the top so the gluteal cheeks don't stick together. But I usually don't bother with the lube layer.

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Another good one for the itch is Calmoseptine. It's generally a moisture barrier, but the menthol relieves the itch. Just don't use too much, especially with children. It can almost burn if applied in too thick of a layer.

Good luck!
itching inside and out.

Where is the itching occurring? If it is on his skin a dermatologist can scrape the skin, look at the scrape samples under a microscope, and tell you in less than 30 seconds whether it is yeast. Yeast infections can be defeated through antifungal creams, powders and pills.

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