Sometimes I get itchy on the inside after a bowel movement. Any suggestions? I can be horrid! 

Also, just the past two days I’ve as insane rumbling in my tummy starting in the afternoon and getting worse after dinner. So much that it even wakes me up at night- both the feeling of stuff moving around and the sound. I’m taking gas ex but it’s not helping. Not eating super fiber foods either. I tried asparagus last week and wow- pass next time! Shame bc I loved that! 

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I can relate to the itchiness part! I'm so sorry. What do you use when you use the bathroom? I've found wipes versus just toilet paper and barrier cream to be really important. 

Ask your doctor about a prescription for Cholestyramine! It really saved my quality of life. It essentially neutralizes the stomach acid that is a major culprit of the itching. I really couldn't function normally for how frequent/intense the itching was and this has almost eliminated it. I don't like the idea of being on medications long term if I can help it, and I hope that as I heal from takedown my body will properly break down bile on its own. But until then, this is a HUGE help to me. They started me with half a packet, twice a day, and I've already been able to go down to once a day after just a few weeks of taking it. 

My nurse told me it's safe to lower, stop, and restart taking it on my own so that as I heal I can do what works best for me. I hope this info helps! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it!

I started the digestive enzymes today. It says one before each meal? I may just take one before dinner, since that (and lunch) seem to be what causes me trouble. 

I do use wipes and cream every time i go when I’m away from home. At home i use the bidet and cream. 

I actually used to take that powder stuff- cholestrymine but stopped bc my doc said it wasn’t mostly to help the D. It also tasted horrible. If it’ll help though, I’ll do it! I also can’t take medication two hours before or something like an hour after- I think it messed with the absorption right? I’ll look at that again. 

Thanks for the advice guys!

Depending on what digestive enzymes you have (or rather how far you want to stretch the bottle you bought) I don't think it's a bad idea to take them with every meal! Even if breakfast doesn't give you trouble, the enzymes are just helpful all around as our bodies are figuring out what the hell is going on. Haha.

The Cholestyramine definitely helped itching for me so it's worth asking your doctor about! Really, I tried stopping it for a couple days to see if maybe I didn't need it anymore and the itching came right back. I've seen stuff about its effects on  absorption too but the info online pertaining to that is really vague so I'm not sure. I'll have to ask my nurse about that! 

Good luck! 

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