It has been 5 years since my second takedown (I had pouch redo in 2015).

I currently have issues passing stool / gas when sitting on the toilet. If I have a completely liquid stool, I can generally pass it. However, anything stool consistency outside of water and I have trouble passing it. I have to strain a lot and then eventually something comes out.

I also have difficulty passing gas from a sitting position. Recently I have a huge amount of gas to pass throughout the day (and night). This is causing me to wake up every hour or so when I am trying to sleep to be laying down or standing up. As a bonus, I have continuous pain (burning) which causes me to wake up too (butt burn / anal irritation, with blood on paper)

I think it could be pouchitis, although I had a colonoscopy 3 months ago and everything was clear.

I am also experiencing minor bouts of incontinence / leakage during day and night.

I could be in need of a dilation, but since I have incontinence when I have a watery stool, it is not something that I think is a good idea.

I have been in touch with my surgeon, and I am just starting a round of Cipro. My surgeon is not seeing patients at the moment due to coronavirus.

Any suggestions? This is starting to interfere with quality of life.

Thanks in advance.


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The possible need for a dilation (as you suggested) was my first thought. Another thing that can act this way is pouch prolapse, which is less likely but a bigger nuisance. It will be informative to see what the Cipro does, especially since you need to delay hands-on measures for the moment.

Hi Scott,


Thanks for the information. I had my first takedown January 1984. It is hard to believe that I am still having issues after all this time (a pouch recontruction 30 years later). The surgery is not perfect, but at least the quality of life is better than before.

Solomon, hi sorry for your difficulties. It does sound like you may need dilation. The incontinence is probably from being full of poop. It will leak out until you can empty your pouch. I've had both balloon and Hegar Dilators used for under sedation  dilation. My surgeon had me take miralax a couple of times a day to try to clear out all the build up. At the time I had to wait a couple of months before I could get my dilations. Believe me, taking the miralax gets pretty unpleasant. The purpose is to thin your output to pretty much water to get it to pass. Make sure you stay hydrated also. Hopefully this pandemic slows soon to allow for elective surgeries again. 


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