Hi All, I appreciate any advice,

Had my pouch for 23 years, have chronic pouchitis, I have been taking Cipro/Flagyl for the whole time, for may years things worked well. The trouble i am having now is when I am sleeping/trying to sleep my bowels keep working, I get gas pain and it keeps me up, I'm losing lots of sleep.


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Mike have you ever had any side effects from the cipro and Flagyl 

I have been off and on for some 3 months now and have experienced heart palpitations each time I go on them . Problem is they work and I feel 100% better down there but it’s the heart palpitations I am scared of .

I would assume if you are kept up with gas pain they meds may not be working for you. 

I am off mine as of 5 days ago and I was up over half the night last night.

Also from outside of Toronto . 



Mike, you can learn a lot from past posts here - try the “Advanced Search” function and look for things like “sleep” or “bedtime.”

I can tell you what works for me, to get you started. I usually sleep through the night. I drink a full dose of soluble fiber (Metmucil and Konsyl mixed, 1/2 dose each, is my preference) at dinner time. I take 1 Lomotil tab at bedtime to slow the bowel, and usually none during the day. If things are in any way concerning I bump that up to two Lomotil at bedtime. Lomotil works better for me than Imodium, but others prefer Imodium.

Some folks also avoid eating after (an early) dinner. Others get benefit from a small, fatty meal at bedtime, like a spoonful of peanut butter.

Maybe its something in your diet or timings of your dinner. I eat dinner by 8 pm and sleep at around 12 then have to get up once at around 5 am and then again at 8 am. I restrict my carbs intake at night , only a high protein and fats meal as dinner like chicken with little bread or hard boiled eggs with peanut butter on bread. Also I've noticed if my dinner is late or very large , I have to make few extra trips in night which definitely affect my sleep. I also take a tsp of pysillium husk fibre before dinner.

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