Let me start by saying that I AM NOT A REP! And not looking for business or anything.

Someone approached me regarding isagenix cleanse and vitamin program.

Has anyone tried this to help their guts? Did it work?
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Hello - trying to resurrect this post! Has anyone with a jopouch tried Isagenix and what was your experience? I am 5 months post takedown and really struggling with nutrition - I cannot tolerate vegetables or fruits so know that I am not getting it from my diet. I am battling chronic pouchitis at the moment that we are trying to control. Wanted to understand if anyone has used Isagenix and how it went. Thank you! 

I know this is an old post but I use the shakes for nutrition and just to feel better and hydrate.  I find they’re not sugary sweet like Boost or Ensure and I tolerate them better.  I take half doses and I find I just feel better. Less butt burn. Less gas, not running for bathroom every half hour, which I do after eating.. I have been using them off and on for 5 years.  Wish it wasnt so pricy but by using half doses it helps.  Have you been using it ? Does it help anyone else? 

I haven’t! I was curious about it for weight loss as I have trouble in that area. Haha. I was concerned with changing my diet so drastically and how it would affect my pouch. Fast forward to now and I’m losing weight was faster than I should due to some abdominal abscesses than make it hard to eat so no longer an issue currently but am still curious. I didn’t want to spend a heck load of money and then realize it isn’t good for people with our guts! Thanks for the feedback

I used Isagenix for about a year, about three years after I had my jpouch.  It was great for protein and weight loss, but like any shake supp., with a jpouch, it went right through me and I'd pass it within two hours, and it usually was a couple trips to the bathroom.  I did not, however, EVER do a cleanse day.  I felt like it would be too much for my pouch. I took a shot of the cleanse liquid every night instead.  I al so did NOT use the magnesium, unnecessary with a pouch.  I did use the metabolism accelerator supplement, which did not increase bathroom trips.  I'm actually abaout to start it again!


Hi KellyParr, can I ask ehy yiu dont take the magnesium? I dont use Isogenix (infact no idea what it is), but i do take magnesium capsules and protein powders post workouts to help with muscle recovery. I have been recently having huge issues with my jpouch and am currently undergoing investigations. Have just completed a 2 week course of Cipro/Metronidazole which helped alot. I have had to drop my trainings due to being unwell and am gaining weight. I would love any suggestions on dietary supplements. 

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