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Hi all! Well, we finally achieved pregnancy! I hope it lasts full-term. I’m 5 weeks and 4 days through IVF.

I have not had nausea but what I do have are completely unreasonable bowel movements! 😳 Very watery many nights this week, including tonight— just pure pressurized water poops. Tonight I had leakage, which I never have. I don’t know where my food is going... there’s so much water I don’t know how I’m not dehydrated.

No fever or pains— just terrible bathroom visits. 

Is this a pregnancy thing or should I be concerned? I know everyone is different but perhaps you ladies can help shed light on this.

Are there any other j-pouch unique issues anyone had?

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@Bubba1028 posted:

I don’t remember having any changes in my bowel movements but everyone is different. Have you talked to your doc at all? they might have some insight. Does your OB have experience with handing patients with j pouches? I would def try and get a doc who has a good understanding of the challenges of having a j pouch while pregnant.

Totally agree! Might be a challenge though since the J-pouch is not too well known by a lot of doctors, but definitely possible!!

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