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@CTB23 posted:

No we didn’t celebrate.  In CT we have been experiencing the effects of Isaias and just got our power back yesterday.  Mostly doing cleanup.

Sorry to hear that! Its not too late to celebrate You should celebrate the  J-pouch birthday and take-down birthday. I think we should all celebrate because that is when we gained a new friend that made us better. Do a celebration and eat some cake

@kk posted:

I heard it normally happens around 10 yrs of having J pouch. Doesn't mean everyone gets it. I was diagnosed around 10 yrs. but then I was also having a lot of stress during that time so not sure which caused it. Now I haven't had pouchitis so much but cuffitis since diagnosed several yrs. ago. 

I am deeply sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing, I really need to watch my stress levels then because I definitely do not need anything else. I mainly get stressed out when I get "Ghosted" but I gotta work on not letting it bother me soo much. I am glad you are doing better though, I hear mesalamine suppositories works for cuffits? If your not already on it, i would bring it up to your gastro.

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