Is my artificial rectum wearing out?

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I am finally retired and should have more time being envolved in this great forum! I think this is my first time being thank you everyone! My question is: I am wondering if my artificial rectum could be wearing out? I have had my J-pouch since 1987...take down 1988. ( I may have been one of the first here in Washington State ☺️) I am it has been 30 years for me. I was able to have a fabulous career as a flight attendant! ( The engine nose was such a blessing, as I could pass the loudest gas, and no one heard!🙃!) Lately it seems like I am always cramming a touch of tissue “up there” because I have clear fluid seeping. And it burns my bottom so quickly! I have those pads called “Butterfly’s, but when you pee or poo again, it has to be replaced. And that can get they are abit anoying. I take 6-8 Loperamide and psyllium powder 3 times a day. And have been fir 30 years. I think being older things just are not working as well. Any tips from anyone? Hoping to hold off at least another year before I go to an appliance. Thank you and have a great day!


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Thank you Scott for your reply. I am taking a probiotic powder...HLC High Potency Powder.  Pouchitis might be a factor...but I feel so good. I have had Cipro several times over the years, and really try hard to stay away from it. Sometimes we forget some of the thank you for refreshing my mind! Do take care.


Have you tried pelvic floor exercises like kegals?  Maybe those rectal muscles could use a bit of toning?  I currently have a seton drain in for a fistula and know the pain of constant drainage.  I have finally found some pads that work which don’t chafe.  Congratulations on your retirement.  I can hardly wait for mine (Nov 2021) from pediatric nursing.

They are by P&G.  “Always” extra protection daily liners.  They have a very cool surface that wicks the moisture into the pad and away from my delicate skin.  The surface of the pad stays soft and smooth.  They are a bit thicker than I need but I can get away with changing them less which is helpful when I’m doing a 12 hour shift in the ER.

This may sound silly...but where are you putting the pads? The “Butterfly” pads go right at the source of the problem? I will check the PG one out! Thank you for your time! Oh yes... when I have leakage, it is so acidic that if I don’t get it taken care of asap, my bottom bleeds. Do take care! Awesome you work in the ER!

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