I sometimes didn't wear a ostomy cover with a transparent bag and it showed from underneath my clothes. I didn't give it much further thought but I was walking around like that I wonder if some people might find it rude when they see the bag hanging out?

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My thoughts were that the bulge was OK.  When changing in a public change room (yoga class, gym etc) I did my best to be discreet but didn’t hide.  I would never allow my bag to be visible directly when doing my daily tasks.  To me it got treated like “a private part”.  I could not bring myself to wear a two piece bathing suit.  

I know that others feel much differently but this is just me.

There are all kinds of people posting pictures of themselves in facebook groups with their bags partially showing. I never notice the bags looking like they have crap in them but who would look? I'm looking because they are saying 'hey look at me'. Maybe it's the only place they feel comfortable posting too. Anyway my 2 cents is as long as you wouldn't mind your grandmother seeing you dressed as you are then it should be okay.


P.S. - I'm a grandmother, lol

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