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Hey everyone,

I am potentially switching jobs because I am miserable at my current job and have been offered a much less stressful position elsewhere. Unfortunately the company is smaller and doesn't offer disability insurance. At my current job I was out 2 years ago for 3 months and disability insurance was a lifesaver but I also think that now that I've been healthy for 2 continuous years I may  never need disability again. I have had a J Pouch since 2014 but didn't actually begin to feel healthy and without fistulas/abscesses/etc until January 2018. I believe all of those complications were actually considered secondary to the surgery.

The big question is: do I stay at a job where I'm miserable on a daily basis in order to maintain my disability insurance, or do I take the risk at a different employer without it? Unfortunately I can't qualify for disability on my own without the "exclusion of anything related to the gastrointestinal system" notice.

I figure if I'm out for surgery the whole complication setup won't ever go longer than 2-3 months right? Then I could just have an emergency fund saved up I suppose. Has anyone with a J Pouch ended up on permanent disability or long-term disability?

Thank you,


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Hi, John.

I vote for leaving the miserable, stress inducing job even though it offers insurance coverage. Yes, if you stay there you will have coverage, and you may likely need it because stress and misery in every work day for 8 hours equals excess adrenaline constantly coursing through your system, chronic insomnia, ulcers, stomach problems, headache, and just plain unhappiness.   If you are able to go somewhere else, you are already lucky. Start with your first paycheque (and every paycheque) put aside a percentage of your salary, or however much you can afford, and quickly establish your emergency fund. This will be your own health insurance coverage. If your bank offers special interest rate accounts or growth plans, put your money into that, but make sure it does NOT lock you in. Make certain you can access your money, in any amount, at any time if you need it fast. Keep putting money in. Do not tell anyone you have it, and they won't ask to borrow it. Do not touch it for anything unless you are faced with a life / health / or safety emergency. Very soon you will see this bank account grow and you will feel safe again. If you make the leap, I hope the new job works out and it makes you happy and peaceful.

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