hi..after following djb`s latest issues wondering if everyone with chronic pouchitis and antibiotic dependent go for scopes every year even if they are doing okay with their present protocol?i seriously thought i could skip it if my antibiotic seemed to be working..am i missing something here? this will be my second year of letting it go if i do not go in sept. figured i was feeling good actually better than i have been in 6 years since operation!i have been on augmentin now into my fifth month..longest i have been on any antibiotic without changing..its a long haul for me to go to cleveland to see dr. shen from cal. and quite expensive between just air fare and hotel but if i am suppose to go i will..would appreciate any responses to my situation...if not every year how often ? dr. shen did not comment when my husband wrote him that we may not be coming for checkup..

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dr. shen did not comment when my husband wrote him that we may not be coming for checkup..

As I wrote in the thread on the threat of rectal cuff cancer, Dr. Shen personally told my pouch specialist he believes annual scopes are necessary due to the rectal cuff cancer threat regardless of the amount of observable inflammation in that area. See this thread:

I am not sure yearly is necessary, but you do need monitoring if there is constant inflammation, and it should be on a case by case basis. Say if you had two scopes in a row with no indication of pouchitis or cuffitis, then every other or every 3 years would be OK. But, I agree, why go all the way to Cleveland when you live near so many good GIs and colorectal surgeons. I certainly would not fly across country for maintenance unless there were no good options.

Plus, you need to have someone local in case something comes up that needs more urgent attention.

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thanks everyone sounds like i need to rethink this .i wrote dr. shen today (he is out of office till the 24th) so i hope to hear from him since he knows me and my situation..he let me slide last year but will see how he feels about another year without scoping..i did not think about the rectual cuff cancer issues..although i have what is called antibiotic dependant pouchitis my last two scopes (but in 2009 and 2010) had pouch that looked normal ..cuff looked good too..so last time we asked shen how can that be he thought it was possible my inflamation was somewhere outside of pouch not seen on scope maybe..

i also will think about seeing someone here for checkout up scope with biopsy included as shen does ..its just that i trust him to judge findings and i will have to look outside of santa barbara maybe l.a because there is just not enough people who deal with jpouchers..

any recommendations from anyone in santa barbara about gi in l.a for scoping?

heard from dr. shen on his return and he said yes i should be scoped year two for sure..my husband and i will decide how and when we will do it..husband leaning to seeing shen for it even with cost to travel..besides i could set up any other appointments at clinic i might have concerns about either for me or husband..we might have to go to wisconson in fall so maybe we could work something out with that...

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