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Yep, have been trying it for the last weeks and had a pretty good success with it, so I'd definitely recommend (like your surgeon) you try it before going back to ileo.

Read these for more info :
(St Mark's is the leading hospital in the UK for J-pouches ... The J-pouch was invented there !)

And for more info about how to use the catheter, pages 10-11 of the Issue 47 of the Red Lion newsletter ("Roar !"), that you can find here :

Good luck, keep me posted !
Arnaud the laxitive is lactulose it's in liquid form. Thanks again for your info. I've been trying it since stoma nurse showed me yesterday. Had a better sleep last night for sure! I think doing it before bed is the best idea and if I have cramping during the day.
Hope this is the answer as will be travelling a bit this winter. (:
Rich- I am at Mt Sinai hospital in Toronto. My surgeon was Dr Robin McLeod but she has left recently and have her colleague Dr Helen MacRae. My pouch is 10yrs old now and just started issues. Had pouchiscopy and nothing wrong with it just age and not emptying as well. So DR Macleod consulted with my now doc and suggested tube. Not fun at first still learning but will hopefully save on surgery for now.
Let me know how you make out!!
Edited to add: I have read the excellent articles - thank you, Arnaud! - and my questions have been answered. I see I now need to get hold of a syringe to use in conjunction with the catheter. I will try it this week!

I do have one remaining question - what position seems best? One article mentions crouching, another lying on your side - not really an option for me at home, and no stoma nurses who know about j-pouches either.

Original post:

Could anyone elaborate a bit on using the catheter? What is the diameter? My surgeon has suggested using a plastic tube to empty my pouch, and actually gave me a tube of the type used with Koch pouches, but my BMs aren't that liquid so I wondered if it would work.

(He asked me to try two options: Fleet enema and the tube, I am trying the enemas first but only getting very temporary relief.)

Will try to find those articles linked now :-)
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This is something I am seriously looking into and the more I read about it the more I want to try this. My S Pouch is somewhat temperamental, and my evening emptying routine can take 5 hours! It doesn't matter if I eat less or at a specific time it does as it pleases. Had a chat with my pouch nurse last week and after last night's episode which saw me get to bed at 6am I really hope this will do the trick!
FYI, I used a catheter successfully for 2 years to empty out - completely - the pouch and could get a comfortable 3-5 hour break in between each session. That was a great relief that lasted nearly 2 years…

In the meantime, I wanted to be free of the all that paraphernalia I had to carry around (like an emergency bag) everywhere I went. So I got back to my surgeon and asked if an other avenue could lead to complete freedom. He proposed I start biofeedback. I did and tried for 12 weeks but it had little to no effect however hard I tried at the clinic and at home with the kegel exercises and so forth… - But afterwords, I never quite understood how biofeedback could work train a muscle on which I supposedly had no control (which connecting nerves was cut????) -

Anyways, one day just before inserting the catheter, I had the idea of pushing hard with a closed fist into my stomach (in the general area of the j-pouch) while banding forward. To my astonishment, I almost emptied the pouch entirely in one push/bend motion. I repeated the motion a couple more times and all came out!!!!AHHH!!! Wow, that was a happy moment!!!And it's been a great relive since. For over 20 years now...

Now, I still repeat the same movement (~6 X/day) but it started putting a toll on my right shoulder/arm and hand (the one I use to push into my stomach)and possibly my lower back as well(that also gets a lot of pressure) I have to think of yet another way to deal with this issue. I'm not saying that this movement would affect anyone else the same way, but I guess that it depends on how hard and how long you push into your stomach…

I hope this helps

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