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Hi ladies!

I need some advice. I have crohns and a jpouch. I am confused and slightly worried(which is probably making it worse) that my period is so irregular. I will have month's where it is on time consistently for a few months and then it's late. I still have an upset stomach a d headache etc  As if it's coming but it's already late. 

I know this might sound silly but I am worried because I dont have kids yet and my specialist said to wait to try when I am in remition with my flare. I had been trying for years to get pregnant and doctors have told me there is nothing wrong and I will be able to. I'm just worried with my irregular periods that it will also effect my ovulation and fertility even more. 

I know stress doesn't help. Any tips or advise would be appreciated.

Thank you. 

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I do not know if our conditions and irregular periods are related to each other  (pelvic swelling, surgery...etc, can put pay to what other people call normal)  but I do know that a lot of us suffer from them. My best friend could set her clock by her periods, I never could. They were always sort of a surprise to me...2 weeks apart, 2 months apart...I never knew.

In my 30's I had that was the surgeon's explanation for the irregularities. When they removed the cysts and cleared out my tube (only 1 functional one) they put me on progesterone to rest my ovaries and avoid new cysts. That lasted 3yrs. I finally went off of the progesterone and my periods came back pretty regularly.

They sort of rebooted my system. 

I do know that we as women feel things that our obs/gyns do not...we feel our bodies and our needs. If you have been trying for years and nothing is happening then maybe it is time to talk to someone who is listening and not telling you that everything is 'normal'. If it was normal, after a few years, you should have gotten pregnant. 

That said, it may not be you. It takes 2 to tango so do not neglect the fact that your partner needs checking too. Once you know if things are in perfect condition on his side then you have to make sure that your 'environment' is happy on yours: too acidic, aggressive environment towards his sperm...

Do not forget that stress can kill fertility too so dial it back if everything is working fine on both sides and take a 'fertility vacation' and try to not get pregnant...just try to have fun...sometimes that is all that it takes.




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