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This is so embarrassing, but I see others have posted about it, so might as well.
I had my surgeries in March 2007 and an adhesion surgery in March 2008. I have been fine since then other than a few dilations shortly after the first surgery.
I am newly married and was a virgin. I assumed that sex would be painful (as everyone mentioned) but hoped the pain would go away within a week. It has been 4 weeks as of tomorrow. I still have pain - mostly towards the back (which I assume is because that is close to the jpouch scar area) and when he gets about half way in (it is VERY uncomfortable at that point). Once he is in, it is ok as long as he doesn't hit hard against the backside as I mentioned.
I talked with my Gyno, but was on my period, so I couldn't get an exam. She will check it out soon to make sure there is no bad tears or anything.
Anyone have any similar issues or solutions? We have used plenty of lube (I'm on the pill, apparently that makes a big difference too), and lots of foreplay. Even tried having some alcohol. Any advice,or comments, support, or encouragement would be great! Big Grin thanks!
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Hi Katie,
So, it does not sound like 'normal' new sex, discomfort nor like typical jpouch could be adhesions/scaring or that something is brewing between the 2 like an abscess...she might want to give you a vaginal ultrasound to see what is going on back there...have you tried the position with you on top? This may be a question of angle or trajectory for now...depening on the way he enters need to find a position where when entering he puts pressure on the front of your vagina and not the back...(fine, it also depends on the curve but that is getting way too technical for this forum...PM me for that info)...
By avoiding the pressure to the back you may be able to bypass some of the pain may also be as simple as needing to be 'stretched' down there to release some adhesions that are holding things too tightly...
Don't know if any of this helps but PM me if you need more detailed info.

I had the exact same problem except I wouldn't use the word "pain", but it was extreme discomfort that could lead to pain. It was that way for about 2 years for me and then my baby boy was born. Problem solved! Leads me to believe there was some scar tissue or adhesion that broke when he was born (as Sharon suggested). Things are all good now. We had a baby prior my my j-pouch too so I had something to compare against. For you, this is all new so it probably hard to know what is normal and what's not. For the record, my gyno didn't see anything abnormal, but it didn't mean that there wasn't some scarring on the other side. It WILL get better. 4 weeks is still a very short amount of time...hang in there :-)

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