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New to this forum though I have had a jPouch for many years. I recently had an intestinal perforation. It was way above my pouch and required an emergency resection and antibiotics. They were concerned about sepsis. I was told that scar adhesions actually saved me because it stopped the feces from going into my abdomen.

The doctor's have no idea what caused it. They called it a fluke.  I was curious if anyone else has experienced this and if you were able to determine the cause. I am about to have takedown surgery and am worried about this sort of thing happening again.


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Thought it was a blockage. Had little warning. Just went to the ER assuming it would be a blockage and I would be put on IV feeding for a few days. Shocked when I was sent to ICU. I have a stricture that gets dilated every few months that we thought might have had something to do with it but it was so much higher than the the stricture that it did not make much sense.

I'm so sorry to hear this.  I do think any kind of stricture  puts the bowel  at risk as the stool cannot pass through and as a result the  bowel most likely dilates.   Did they address the stricture surgically or is that at the pouch inlet area?  I wish you the best of luck. Strictures can be very stubborn. If you by chance have any obstructuve symptoms it is prob best to get right to ER but hopefully this has corrected your issue if from adhesions and scar tissue   

I have a stricture at pouch outlet  that has been dilated  several times and still gives me heartache every few months  I had two partial obstructions this week which I never experienced before and currently have awful pouchitis as stool has no where to go.   My surgeon is concerned about perforation so I'm having exam under anesthesia Monday as he is going to try and cut out the stricture and advance the pouch. It is a very small 5 mm stricture that has given me so much trouble the last few years  



I do have Crohns but there was no inflammation at the place it perforated. I am confused as well. I see an extraordinary doctor in San Diego (he used to be head of GI at Mayo Clinic) and, so far, he can't figure out why it happened. I only know that it nearly killed me!

Doctor just did a pouchoscopy on me. He thinks the perforation happened at the site of my ulcers. The crowns had weakened the lining. The good news, though is that because of the resection, for the time being, I am in full remission. Have my take down on Monday and am hoping for a fast recovery. Assuming since it was a resection well above the pouch that it will not be as fraught as the original takedown when the pouch was created.

Good luck Mad. i am very sorry to hear you had to go through this. Were you havng Crohn's symptoms before the perforation and on any meds? If not, how will you be aware if an issue like this could be brewing in the future. I admit this is pretty scary.


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