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Hi. It's been a long while since I posted, my daughter had her jpouch in 2004 and had a strictureplasty, at the anastomosis site, about 7 years ago. Since December she has been having some discomfort in that area, she says almost like a kink, but everything has been moving through. She had 2 days in December of some bleeding and last night another incident of bleeding. She was is touch with her dr via virtual in December but he is in NYC. She has not really found a dr that she likes out in Chicago, but she prefers Northwestern for insurance and she is associated with the college.  She is very concerned about seeing doctor since she does not go out  during this past year with Covid around.

Has anyone seen any gi or surgeon drs In Northwestern, Chicago? Has anyone had to go to the Northwestern hospital during Covid?

Thank you

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becky i have had chron's since 1990 and seen about 10 gi specialists in chicago.  the best dr i have seen is dr. sushila dalal.  she is so knowledgeable and understanding.  also, she is the only female dr i have seen.  i had to drop her because of insurance and now see dr stephen hanauer at nu med.  he is the yoda of chron's and uc in the chicago area.  he has been the mentor of so many of the gi drs in our area.  i also have been to nu med a few times over covid and have found it to be safe.  you might want to wait for elavators to clear out b4 getting on them -- they get busy at 9 am.  good luck and write back if you have any questions.


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