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I just had inguinal hernia mesh repair (3/26/21) - I'm 53 yr. old male - diagonal incision and mesh repair placed between skin and abdominal muscle wall.

Have been a happily active man since J-Pouch 16 years ago - had full three stage J-pouch surgery (Colectomy/Ileostomy-takedown/Ileoanal-Anastomosis) between OCT-2004 and FEB-2005 respectively - I've been fine with bowel movement activity ever since - approx. 4X per day.

I'm in incredible pain right now 28 hours after my hernia surgery, esp. when pushing to go poop.  I'm panicked about bowel obstruction or any intestinal back-up esp. gas bloating etc.. and thus I am barely eating hoping that this pain resolves with the healing and that I'm pain-free in a couple weeks, pooping easily again and and worst case scenario end up losing 20-30 lbs from eating so very lightly.

Anyway, I'm hopeful that this isn't a long-term problem of pain when pushing and I'll try to remember to come back and post an update.

MG - from Vancouver WA

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I was diagnosed w/‘wide mouth’ (sounds awful! ) periumbilical ventral hernia.

Seeing surgeon on the 22nd November… super anxious about surgery!!  Very painful 😖

I also had 3 stage J Pouch surgery.  
total colectomy/illeostomy- March 2021 ; Take down -June 2021 and final -September 2021

it has not been easy for me-chronic pouchitis/cuffitis/adhesions and have not gone back to work yet….. and now this!

I’ll make sure to take pain killers as directed and not be cavalier!!   I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Thank you!  I actually had surgery last night around 6pm.   Two loops of my small intestine were “incarcerated” - their term, not mine!!  basically the intestine was not getting its blood supply.

Going home today!  Thank you for your well wishes and it’s encouraging to know your husband was up and about quickly.  I’m not one to sit around so, I will get out and walk as soon as it stops raining!!!!


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