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I just had inguinal hernia mesh repair (3/26/21) - I'm 53 yr. old male - diagonal incision and mesh repair placed between skin and abdominal muscle wall.

Have been a happily active man since J-Pouch 16 years ago - had full three stage J-pouch surgery (Colectomy/Ileostomy-takedown/Ileoanal-Anastomosis) between OCT-2004 and FEB-2005 respectively - I've been fine with bowel movement activity ever since - approx. 4X per day.

I'm in incredible pain right now 28 hours after my hernia surgery, esp. when pushing to go poop.  I'm panicked about bowel obstruction or any intestinal back-up esp. gas bloating etc.. and thus I am barely eating hoping that this pain resolves with the healing and that I'm pain-free in a couple weeks, pooping easily again and and worst case scenario end up losing 20-30 lbs from eating so very lightly.

Anyway, I'm hopeful that this isn't a long-term problem of pain when pushing and I'll try to remember to come back and post an update.

MG - from Vancouver WA

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