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Hey everyone,


Last weekend, I noticed some itching around my tailbone.  I didn't think much of it, but it has persisted, along with some occasional itching near the top of where my "cheeks" meet.

I decided to take a look when I got out of the shower this morning, and the skin in both of those areas is red and inflamed.  I was surprised at how angry it looked, because the general feeling isn't that terrible.


Any thoughts on what I should do for this?

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It's weird. This discomfort is minimal, but it looks gnarly.

I'd recently stopped using barrier creams because butt burn had mostly vanished. Very occasional use of Calmospetine, and I'm very careful to keep the area clean.

The only time it's ever wet outside of the shower is when I work out. I sweat pretty heavily from cardio, and generally bring a change of drawers to the gym with me because the ones I wear get pretty damp.

In any case, I pulled out my bottle of Boudreaux's Butt Paste & I'll keep an eye on things for a few days to see if there's improvement.

"I'd recently stopped using barrier creams because butt burn had mostly vanished."

If you change what you're doing and observe someting else changing subsequently, it's important to consider that as the cause. In this case, why not try resuming your previous practice and see if you get back your more attractive butt?

A yeast infection would be my first guess. OTC antifungal creams like Canesten or Monistat (found in feminine hygiene aisle) are go-tos. If that fails or if you want something stronger, you can get a prescription for Diflucan from your doctor.


Someone on this forum had once recommended using Head and Shoulders shampoo as soap for the nether regions since it is itself an antifungal. You could give that a try as part of your regular maintenance to keep the yeasties at bay once the initial infection clears up.

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In the past I have had a tendency to develop yeast infections in my legpits, this a side effect of taking antibiotics.  I essentially eliminated the yeast infections in the past 3 years by drying myself carefully after every shower (I use blow dryer with heat on entire pubic and anal regions), and applying Zeabsorb anti-fungal powder.  A few times in the past couple years I felt a twinge of itching and observed a flash of red patch in the legpit.  Zeabsorb applied for a few days knocked it right out.


For an active yeast infection, NEVER take any zinc oxide ointment.  It will lock in moisture - there is water in the ointment that feeds and nourishes the yeast infection.  For an active yeast infection only use powder, drying agents and oral anti-fungal pills, and try to go off antibiotics if possible and until yeast infection is under control.


I have successfully battled a few major ones and a bunch of small ones.  Most important thing is personal hygiene in keeping the prone areas dry.  If you do this, you will preempt most yeast infections.

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I'd like to add, to all of the good suggestions above, that you sleep with no underwear on. Airing is good either way,Yeast or BB.  I also think us girls can have several problems going on at the same time, from personal experience   One place the guys have a jump on us is that their male parts are not as close together as ours are.


I've had the but crack one and calmoseptine works there for me. I also sleep on a protective pad so don't worry about staining my sheets.

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