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Never had J Pouch or Rectum removed so having quite a bit of incontinence from my Anus.  Anyone have this issue?  Is this OK as the reason I got the illeostomy done in the 1st place was because of very bad and painful ulcers down there for having so much diarhea!  My surgeon tells me only now that to remove the pouch would be twenty fold the surgery for the ostomy and doesn't think I can handle it and would be a very long recuperation so strongly does not advise it!  I now have to live with poop in bag and from rectum again!  Do I have a malpractice suit here?  My sister who was a Paralegal says I do and to get a lawyer because I am now in Worse shape than prior to Surgery.  Pain is beginning in my Anal area again and have had much pain from stoma as well as it is herniated!  Living in misery! Someone please help!!!!

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Hi Diana,

I am very sorry to hear of your troubles. I am confused as to why stool has been coming out of your bum if the jpouch has been disconnected via a ileostomy.

as to whether you can sue for malpractice who knows?

once we sign that surgical consent we are signing away our lives.  My understanding is that if a doctor follows accepted medical practices its hard to sue since surgical outcomes are not guaranteed.

My further understanding is that removal of pouch and anus are tough surgical procedures and I personally would never do it since I think the next major surgery will kill me.

my humble advice is that you should focus all of your energies on finding a GI/Surgical team that can evaluate you situation and give you the best medical advice and care so that you can get beyond this hellish situation you find your self in. You can sue later on, but please expend your energy on getting well. We are sending prayers and good thoughts your way.


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