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Has anyone had any success? Due to my recent blockages I'm making major dietary changes in hopes of a better quality of life and lowering the chances of death via small bowel obstruction. 

Hydrating has always been difficult for me due to a very high gut transit time. If I drink water and eat food within the same time frame, my gut competes water with the food and water ends up being lost out the wrong end. Simply drinking more water just makes it worse. As a result of this 15 year situation I've had massive kidney stones over the years and have been unable to control stone formation with medication. I'm simply not hydrated enough throughout my days. 

Today is my first day trying a 20:4 fast window. So that's basically fasting for 20 hours a day and eating within a 4 hour block. My block is going to be 5-9 PM as that is the least disruptive for family and pigging out at work from 8-12 AM or 12-4 PM may be off putting to coworkers and equate to workplace discrimination down the road. I've had a lot of issues with workplace discrimination and disability throughout my career.

So I fast for most of the day allowing me to drink massive quantities of water and other drinks. I'll be able to take much less imodium in the morning to help with absorption (in theory). Then eat a series of meals over 4 hours, poop it all out, take a little bit of imodium before bed. Rinse repeat. 

Anyone else able to pull this off with success or have failure stories? It sure seems like everyone is different when it comes to food, food timing, and fluid absorption. It amazes me that I've put up with this ongoing problem for 15 years when I could have experimented with it years ago. Life is tough. 

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I've done intermittent fasting with good results so far. Though I don't do it for pouch function but it definitely improves my functioning.

I use it to cut back fat gained while bulking up. Won't suggest you to start straightaway with a 20-4 fast instead go for a lighter 14-10 or 16-8 fast. Your body may need some time to adjust to the fasting time. 

As for the water part I drink upto a litre of water everytime I have to and thats 4-5 times a day minimum. I have to pee that much but thats fine I just want to stay dehydrated.

To get through any day when I will not have access to a private clean restroom (say a day-trip by public transit) I will stop eating after an early supper the day before.  I'll carry a protein bar to eat if I get lightheaded or crazy hungry, but the less in the less out.  I do drink plain water or tea during this time.  

I also limit my food during regular workdays, eating just very small amount mid-morning, and then my largest meal the minute I get home from work.  I work out at lunchtime, and can usually manage with just one bathroom trip.  

Finally, I try to schedule all my outdoor running workouts for first thing in the morning on weekends/days off so I can run before I eat anything.  I will drink some water first, or half a cup of tea if I want it.   Once I'm done with my workout I get to eat more often on weekends/days off when I am home.  

So yes, I've naturally fasting for between 14 and 20+ hours as a way to keep my life as normal as possible.  The main downside is I do end up waking up at night to go.  If I could eat my meal at midday that would be better, but just does not fit into my work schedule.  


Thanks for sharing. So far it hasn't been good for me but I think I'm still suffering from the blockage I had two weeks ago. I'm having a lot of nausea and spontaneous puking from acid reflux. For some reason I get it bad for a few weeks after a blockage or event surrounding the j-pouch. Gonna give the fasting a whirl again here after I normalize. 


After I survived my antibiotics cycle and my j-pouch started behaving I was able to adapt to a 20/4 Intermittent Fasting schedule in two weeks. The first 3-4 days are tough. 

My j-pouch is behaving much better on a 4 hour eating window. Even if I have water diarrhea, it's only 4 hours vs the entire day of eating three meals + snacks. So I'm hydrating much better now which is worth its weight in gold. After two blockages in 12 months I'm sure I was on the path to dying without major changes. 

I wasn't able to tolerate keto when I tried last year, probably because I was snacking on keto friendly foods around the clock, causing my j-pouch to produce water diarrhea around the clock. On this schedule I can likely adapt any dietary choices without risks beyond 4 hours of bad diarrhea. 

This is awesome. I did it for digestive and hydration reasons but I'm also losing around 2-3 pounds a week. We are all fat because of overeating and snacking and in a 4-8 hour eating window, if you don't snack cheat, you won't overeat. That's the general idea. 

It also helps that NIH just proved fasting beats calorie restriction hands-down. That's a different topic entirely but fasting, keto and calorie restriction are the future of disease mitigation without medicine.

Cheers to all!

One more item. I'm tolerating medications while fasted without any issues. I still try to be tactical and take my meds during the eating window which isn't always possible. 

The 16/8 schedule (skip one meal) was ok but the 20/4 schedule utterly changed me quickly. I feel a lot better being fasted and able to drink water and hydrate. Previously drinking more water just makes me shit more water out. Water + food has always been a disaster for me. Food choices did improve that situation but living on rice/bread and plain meat was miserable. My pouch hates EVERYTHING. 

I have the same problem with water. It just runs right through me and takes anything I have eaten along with it. Sometimes with leakage. Drinking water just makes it too hard have any food in my pouch. I am totally open to the fasting idea (I've had pouch 26 years and been dehydrated all that time with several kidney stones passed and surgically removed.) The thing about the fasting idea is that I have been anorexic pretty much my whole life and would not even eat at all if I didn't have to. So there is no way I could convince my husband and family that I was fasting for the sake of a "pouch schedule". I do always stop drinking water or any dairy by 2-3pm everyday and stop everything by mouth by 7pm. I don't and never had any problems with having to get up in the night to go or leakage at night. I just wanted to comment and let you know you're not alone in the whole "cant drink water thing." And also the Kidney Stone thing.  I'm sorry you are going through so many issues and I hope the fasting works out for you. I just want to say it was nice for me to hear someone having the same issues as myself. Best of luck to you.


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