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Hi, everyone.  Long time no post!   I'm living a normal life after (many!) j-pouch related surgeries, some of you "old timers" may remember me!  Anyway, I take 4 to 6 Imodium/Loperamide 2mg pills @2 X a day and finding it very hard to find these in QTY in bottles anywhere. I used to buy from Rite-Aid and their brand,  I think like 96 in a bottle or something and they are no longer available. I called my doctor who did a prescription for me, just picked up 180 2mg pills, $110 co-pay (BC/BS).  The pharmacist told me these are $1 per pill, so I got a $70 discount with insurance.   I did buy them, as it's cheaper than the EXTREMELY annoying 24 count-ish blister packs.  Anyone have a good line on these? I realize the virus may have changed availability and that others were using them for "nefarious" purposes so new rules were implemented.  Thank you!

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Sorry you're having this problem! You aren't alone.

When I switched insurers, loperamide was no longer covered and cost over $100 per bottle. Costco had stopped selling its own formulation in bulk and was now limiting customers to one blister-pack of 36 pills per day. It was cheap but inconvenient. Then, with Covid-19 patients reporting GI symptoms, it went flying off the shelves everywhere anyway.

Eventually we figured out that my insurer, which won't cover loperamide or Lomotil at all, will cover diphenoxylate/atropine (generic Lomotil) at $30 for a 90-day supply.



Apparently, people started using loperamide to get high.  Oy vey.  I'm thinking that's why a lot of the drug manufacturers have stopped making the high-count bottles.  Until this post, I looked everywhere for the bottles - Sam's, groceries, Walgreen's, etc., couldn't find them.  So, my GastroEnt put in a scrip for 200 that will cost me only $8 with my insurance.  I did see the availability on Amazon, but the best cost I saw was $90 for 2 X 96-count bottles.

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Yeah, I hear ya. Last time I bought loprimide, I bought it on ebay. I just can't find quantities anywhere else. Good luck with your search. I get lomotil script from my GI office, but I use at least one loprimide at night also. It's really sad we have to by our needed drugs on eBay because some damn fools decided if they took enough they could get high.


You may have already tried Metamucil/psyllium husk but I used to take Imodium and ran into the same problem of finding a reasonable price for Imodium. I switched to Metamucil only and it has been mostly a good thing for me once my body adapted to it and got past the bloating stage of adjustment. That said, I've seen generic loperamide (Imodium) on Amazon occasionally at a pretty reasonable price. 

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