I have been taking Cipro on and off for three years, I appear to be becoming sensitized to the drug  as I cannot manage more than ten days without a break. My recent internal inspection found a few ulcers and a polyp  really high up in the pouch. me new specialist is deciding if I should be offered a new drug. it is an auto immune system moderator it appears that my problems are immune system related.

I also have recently started Suffering from Lichen Planus. My Mum Had Lupus Her Mum had it and my grandfather had Rheumatoid arthritis. My brother at the age of 70 has suddenly got Colitis.

On considering how Cipro helps Pouchitis. I considered that the drug reduces the internal flora in the pouch this then backs off the inflammatory effect of the immune system, that in my case and possibly many others sees the friendly bacteria as unfriendly, thus creating the pouchitis by becoming active in the pouch. This can be observed by how Cipro can improve pouchitis in just 24 hours.

The problem being that friendly flora is needed in the pouch so after 10 days or so I get really bad loose urgency to visit the lavatory. Has anyone else been offers such a drug or maybe using an immune system moderator, other than Steroids.

Kind Regards....Graham


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Imuran and Humira together work for me for fistulae etc if that's of interest...hope you find a way forward soon!

I'm a big fan of alternative therapies to supplement standard medical treatments.  I'm also a big fan of nourishing the body with good quality foods.  This probably isn't the best site to discuss alternative therapy, but I was say that taking oxygen product's (like drops you put in water) and maybe something like oil pulling along with diet changes may help significantly.  


Personally I'm fascinated by QXCI machine and it's benefits too.  Some people will aggressively tell you it's all a scam, I can only say I have had good experience on the 2 times I used it and it told me a lot about myself.


They are cheap and risk free.  At least compared to 'modern medicine'.  The below may be interesting too



I take immuran to tamp down the immune response AND I also take antibiotics (I rotate Levaquinin and rifaximin every 2 weeks). Antibiotics alone didn't do it, but the combo works. Eventually I stopped the antibiotics for awhile and my pouchitis symptoms flared, but the combo works like a charm for me, going on 3 years now.

Hi Graham and others.  I face similar challenge - after 10+ yrs using Cipro as my primary tool in fight against pouchitis, it seems to be losing effectiveness.  Am considering going the immunosuppressent route (many yrs ago took IMuran for 1 yr to control chronic. UC flares).

A bit nervous about it for all the obvious reasons, but it hasbecome a quality of life decision.  Stay tuned...

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