Any idea how many immodium pills can be taken at once? Three in the morning and three at night seems to work for me...I wasn't sure if the maximum dose is 2 pills every few hours

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My surgeon has said I can take up to 8 per day as necessary. That would seem consistent with most of the information on this forum.  I don't take Imodium regularly not have I ever needed anywhere near that much when I do use it, but 8 seems to be the benchmark in as far as the amount that should not be exceeded.  However, if you're uncertain about the amount you're taking or the effects of long term use, it's best to discuss things with your GI/surgeon. 

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Up to 8 per day (16 mg) is considered the maximum daily dose. It is reasonably safe at much higher doses, but there is no added positive effect beyond the 16mg, and side effects increase. I have read of no liver damaging effects, but if you have liver damage, it can build up in the body faster and cause side effects faster.

I personally took the maximum dose for 4 years post op, then gradually reduced it  over time. I currently take only one daily. So, over 23 years I have safely taken Imodium (loperamide) daily without any issues. I even developed fatty liver disease during that time (related to IBD, not drugs), and have been able to continue Imodium.

But, like Spooky said, this is a good thing to discuss with your doctor.


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