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My 4 year old has an ileostomy. We are set to reconnect to j-pouch on July 16th. Her output has been very watery and yellow the last couple days. She has been eating pretty good and drinking well. I have gave her peanut butter toast on potato bread, bananas, Mashed potatoes, chicken, chicken salad sandwiches on buttermilk bread, hot dogs cut up well. She has been taking 5mls of immodium twice a day. I can't get it thicker or even browner. I am concerned with absorption. Am I doing something wrong. When she had UC she was always constipated badly. I have now gone completely to the other end of the spectrum. I am afraid to keep bulking her up bc of the blockage fear. Any advice? She drinks a lot of water about 8 8oz glasses of electroyte water daily.
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I had uc as well and am having takedown next week. My output has been very watery and take Imodium. When this wasn't helping my doctor added fiber wafers they taste pretty good not sure if four yr olds can have them.also some of the electrolyte drinks have a lot of sugar and fake sugar is not much better it adds to watery output my surgeon said. Hope helps a little...
When I had my ileo, my output was always very liquid. Thats the nature of the loop ileostomy. And the colors of it were like a rainbow some days! It just depends on what foods are being consumed. As long as she's eating and drinking and feeling okay, she should be fine. Now of course since she is so young and you are concerned, call her doctor and ask just to give you peace of mind.
Check the electoryte water you are giving her. It may be full of sugar. Switch to something like pedialyte. And have her drink that and only that throughout the day. Too much plain water and anything with sugar can definitely increase output. Also I would avoid chemical filled foods like hotdogs. I would ask the doctor before adding any additional bulking medicines as your daughter is so young.
I have an 8+ year old who has had an ileo since he was three. Output color changes all the time. His is mostly pretty liquify all the time. What we watch out for is a big increase in volume. In the beginning we measured all his ins and outs to learn what was normal for him. I still do most of the emptying so I know when there is more than usual or if his bag is filling up quickly.
I wouldn't give her anything without talking to the doctor either.

How long has she had the ileo?
I found no comparison between the liquidy output when I had an ileo and the nature of the output once I had the takedown. When I had the ileo I was frequently dehydrated and had several hydration infusions over time in the E.R. Then, I tried thickening the output by eating/drinking Metamucil. It did the job but the Baggie was so much more timely to empty that I stopped using it. I was careful to drink Vitalyte-type products. Best wishes.

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