Ileostomy blockage/Cramps

I’m laying here in a very hot bathtub as I suffer through an excruciating partial blockage (or what has felt like a blockage in the past). 

Have any if you with an ileostomy experienced painful stomach blockages, and if so did they get better after a j-pouch??

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I never had a blockage with my ileostomy but after my j-pouch, I have had a few. I have been hospitalized twice over the last 14 years (which I consider pretty good...considering) and those would have been avoided had I been more careful with my diet. With the blockages, I was able to clear, hot baths and kosher grape juice has been a life saver try it if it works keep it in the house. I also roll on a large core fitness ball stomach side down helps thing to pass not sure if you can do it, but try. My husband will also use a massager on my back while I sit upright on the side of the bed, again gets things moving.  I hope you get relief soon I do know how horrible you must feel, it will pass.

I had a blockage with my ostomy and it was really painful. I ended up in the hospital and they had to put a rubber thing into the ostomy hole to clear the blockages as soon as they inserted it, the blockage cleared and I felt instant relief. 

Hope u feel better soon. 

Around 8pm: I left my friends house because I was feeling a partial blockage coming. . . It got progressively worse until I was doubled over in pain and writhing back and forth on the bed near my wife.

This was by far the worst blockage yet. I took 3 scolding hot baths which helped temporarily, and once I would get out I was doubled over again. 

I drank water in between bouts of crying to my wife. . . She rubbed my back as I laid with the heating bad. We kept debating whether I should go to the emergency room, but decided against it (if at all possible) because of cost and didn’t want any radiation (scans) which they certainly would have given me. 

I couldn’t take pain medication because I’m getting drug tested (hair follicle test) for an upcoming job, and I didn’t want to fail it. 

With that said, I was completely miserable for about 8 hours straight until the blockage finally resolved on it’s own!

This is the third blockage I’ve had in a month and it’s starting to worry me. Everything else seems good including my blood work. Any ideas what could be happening?

I’m really hoping that I can get the reversal surgery to have a J-pouch! 

Update:4:38AM- finally feeling better though the after effects of abdominal pain and distention are there. 

Anyways, I’m headed to bed. Good night and thanks to all that replied! 

Hm. Three blockages in a month. I had my stoma revised because of three in a three week period. Once they opened me up they could see the two (loop) ends were crossed over and blocking. If you start throwing up I'd suggest the hospital. With that level of pain, I think I'd consider it anyway. I was able to clear a few on my own but as they continued they got worse and it became apparent it wasn't normal. I'm feeling for you. Hopefully you'll wake up with a big bag full of output. 

One blockage my husband had was when he ate an apple and forgot to peel it. He came home from work and we went to the ER.  I had to call our physician for a referral to be admitted. He had the gall to ask 'why didn't he peel the apple'? I was so annoyed that I said 'that is not the time to question that' just  have  him admitted (glad we dropped his sorry ass soon after). My hubby was so close to being operated on, but the blockage cleared thank goodness. 


And 14 hours of excruciating pain to find out afterwards it was a twisted bowl. Temp ileo. Soooo.. while they were in there they decided to hook up my pouch after only two plus weeks and get rid of the ileo. Pouch never worked. Ended up having that removed and now with an end ileo.. Which is ok.

But I must say. That blockage was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.  Never ever want that again! 

I had my pouch a little over two years and never had a blockage. Not even the feeling of one. 

Even with the end I still get blockage but I can feel it coming on and do something about it like just move around.


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