Hello, I'm new here so I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong place. 

I have a j-pouch since 2003 .For the first time ever I'm getting an ileoscopy done on Friday. I'm incredibly worried because they gave me prep papers for a colonoscopy . I called them and they assured me I needed to do same prep. I'm so worried about this, it doesn't feel like it's correct info and I'm so close to canceling that appointment.

Anyway, they want me to divide a 510g bottle of Miralax into 2 64oz of apple juice, plus take ducolax plus a bottle of Magnesium Citrate.

Isn't that too much for someone without a colon or sigmoid? I already go to the bathroom like 10x a day..


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Thanks for the reply. I called again and left a message for the Nurse practitioner that saw me last. I've been very vocal about not having a colon and having a jpouch. I had to give them a copy of my colon removal surgery report because they insisted I still had a colon, which is why I'm so nervous about all of this. I don't want there to be a mistake and ruin my jpouch!


As far as what an ileoscopy is, I was told it's just like a colonoscopy but with a smaller scope.

I have had many pouch scopes and I have never had to do a prep, not with my personal GI doc, not at Cleveland Clinic, not at University of Chicago. I personally will do a light prep so I can get the best possible results for my own peace of mind.  Two days before I don't eat after 6 pm and the day before I drink lots of clear chicken or beef broth, enough to keep me not hungry and I stop drinking after midnight. You will notice a slow down mid day for sure and you might actually sleep through the night! I can't imagine doing a clean out with meds, as you, I am a high output patient 10-12 BM's/day.  I have had my pouch for 26 years. 



Unless you’re having issues this would normally be called a pouchoscopy. The scope can be pushed past the pouch into the ileum, and that might be called an ileoscopy. Since the pouch is also constructed out of ileum, some practices might also call a pouchoscopy an ileoscopy. In any case, the prep is probably excessive. The staff might not know what a pouchoscopy is, so there’s no easy way to communicate with them about your prep. Anyone who thinks you have a colon has no useful guidance for you. Hopefully you can get your doctor on the phone. Most of us do a pretty easy prep, for example: clear liquids the day before, tap water enemas until clear on the morning of the procedure.

A pouchoscopy sounds more like it. Never heard of that before so I just googled it and it makes sense since they are trying to check for pouchitis. My doctor has an endoscopy center next door so he's the one who does the tests and they all have the same staff. I've been with this doctor since before my jpouch surgery, he was the one who suggested I get it. Anyway, thanks so much! Hopefully the nurse practitioner calls me soon and we can talk about it since she was the one who ordered the test. I will do the easy prep instead, even if they insist on all those laxatives.

As far as pouchoscopy vs. ileoscopy- if you are scoped and pouchitis is seen they will peek up into the ileum. They did with me for 15 years before they saw inflammation in ileum above the Pouch. The terminology isn’t important. It’s the same procedure and same prep.

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