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Hello All,

I’ve posted so much on this forum this week I bet you’re all tired of seeing my name pop up! Current situation: I believe I overdid it on the fiber a few days back (4 to be exact). I ate Bell Peppers and Bean sprouts. I’ve eaten bell peppers before and while I’ve never had a problem I do see them in the toilet later. Bean sprouts I’ve never had, and they were obviously raw.

I haven’t been able to have a full bowel movement since the day AFTER I ate that meal. I have no bloating, pain, nausea. I have been able to go to the bathroom and let go of a good amount of stool, but not a full movement (I hope that makes sense!). My GI recommended I take Bisacodyl for 5 days and see where that gets me. Yesterday I finally had the ‘urge’ to go after 3 days and it was insanely thick. I just had a very little BM and it was also thick and pasty.

Could I just have really thick stool ‘stuck’ which is causing me to have trouble completley evacuating? Thoughts? I’ll take another Bisacodyl tonight since the one last night had no effect on me basically…

Hope everyone is have a great day

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yes absolutely thick stool. I Have the same experience some days from all of the loperamide I take.

some days starting at around 400pm, I start going with thick stools. It takes takes several BMs before it loosens up to the point that the pouch fully empties.

I think if I drink and drink at least 64oz of Gatorade a day I loosen things up a bit. It’s something you could try in addition to laxatives.

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