when i drink iced coffee, it goes directly to the bag within 10 minutes...Not just some, pretty much all of it. Is this normal, and i would think it would be filtered through the kidneys? how am i passing it all this quickly?
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When I had a loop ileostomy, orange pop would do that. I could literally sit on the toilet, and keep the bag open, drink the pop, and it would come right out of me!

Think it depends on the fluid, and you likely are absorbing some. The small bowel is surprisingly long.
The one thing that would flow completely through me in a matter of minutes was Ice Cappacino's when I had both an end and loop ileo. I think it maybe has something to do with the cool temperatures and caffeine maybe? I'm not sure what it is exactly but I wouldn't be alarmed. I used to grab a bagel with it and eat it with the Ice Cap to slow it down some.
Liquid has to be absorbed by the intestine before it's processed by the kidneys, and anything that's processed by the kidney is peed out. Seeing output in your bag just means that the iced coffee is flowing through your intestine too fast to be absorbed by the intestine (and then turned into urine).

This isn't so unusual, for reasons listed above.

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