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EUA #8 was today for the chronic unhealed perineal wound but with the added pleasure of needle/knife and I think "dextrose" injection. And seems they put a stitch or two up somewhere. Don't know why, maybe to keep that dextrose stuffed up in there. But PAIN PAIN PAIN. Have accelerated the percocets and still hurt so much. Might have to make a trip to the ER tonight to get some dilaudid. Have not hurt this bad since being in the hospital with the original jpouch removal surgery. How can one injection and stitch or two make it hurt so much worse?

And.. a plastic surgeon is joining Dr. Remzi and Dr. Shen for my EUA#9 in six weeks. (That will be about my one year anniversary for the jpouch removal surgery) Guess this is a "look and see" from the plastic surgery perspective to figure out what they can cut/graft from where to get this wound healed. Three docs in one operating room looking at my tiny but long sinus tract and large chronic wound. Kind of funny if you think about it that way.

Anyone know anything real life about this besides just the published papers online? As now I am really scared. Can everything just keep getting worse? It is beyond ridiculous now. And they expect me to do pelvic floor therapy like this too? And then to start Imuran for the new autoimmune disease I have. OMG...I want off this ride right now.
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I wish I could offer you some advice. I feel for you with all you are going through as I know you just want all of this to end and get on with your life. I am sending thoughts and prayers to you. You deserve to find the path to better health and I will pray it happens soon for you after you get through your next procedure. Hugs to you as you have been such a HUGE help for others like myself on this board.

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