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Hi fellow J-pouchers!  I had my colectomy on Feb 9 of this year and the take-down surgery on 5/31/16.  Things are going well along those lines.  Getting used to the very frequent bathroom trips, especially during the night (which are the most bothersome, of course!)  Imodium and Lomotil are being used with limited success.  Surgeon RX'd tincture of opium 3 weeks ago- some success there with nighttime use only.  Metamucil Fiber wafers and Fibercon tablets help as well.  

My main complaint---I have lost over 25 pounds.  I am not a big guy to begin with, so I really didn't have 25 pounds to lose.  Appetite is fine, no problem there.  I'd love to hear suggestions on how others have dealt with this issue.  I am lactose intolerant- over 30+ years of UC.  I am doing physical therapy 2x per week for 1 hour each.  I really need good suggestions on how to look normal again!   Boost/Ensure go right through me, so that's not an option.  Perhaps other protein shakes?  I've heard that whey is good but it's derived from milk so I'm not sure if that will make matters worse......I look forward to your replies!  Sorry for the long-winded post!   Ken 

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Hi, I'm 5'4" and got down to 113 lbs after my surgery on April 8, 2015.  My internist said I needed to eat high calorie food to get up to 122.  The last time I weighed a few weeks ago I was 126, so eat lots and hopefully you will gain your weight back.  Looks like I'm going to have to start watching my weight again!

Good Luck and Kind Regards,

Connie S.

 I was squirting whipped cream into my coffee and had Boost between meals occasionally, but I don't really like that stuff.  I just ate high calories, candy, pastries, etc, as well as my meals and it came back on.  I was really scared when I got down to 113, as I didn't want to look anorexic.  I got my jpouch April, 2015, and weighed about 142 pre-op.  At  my annual internist app'mt, Nov., 2015 I weighed 113. My internist gave me the ultimatum to get up to 122 by April, 2016, ( or she would put me on meds to make me hungry)and I met my weigh-in goal.  It took about 4-5 months to gain it.

Just keep on eating!


Depends on what kind of weight you want to put on??? I usually suggest high protein and healthy carbs...peanut butter on whole grain toast with high fruit jam, omelettes with lots of meat or cheese in it (you may be able to add goat is less reactive then cow's milk), lots of meats and potatoes or whole grain pasta.

The idea is to put on healthy weight and not throw your body into diabetes! 






Hi, KTZIFF.  Do you like good fats such as avocado mashed and spread on sprouted grain toast?  White beans (canned and rinsed, so you don't to soak overnight and cook them) mashed and spread on toast with a bit of extra virgin olive oil drizzled on top. Olive oil drizzled on baked potato?  Olive oil drizzled on anything! Fatty fish such as wild salmon. Chicken roasted with lots of olive oil. Almond butter. Peanut butter (100% roasted peanuts, not the kind with added sugar and salt - check the ingredients' label). Try to avoid empty calorie sugary foods that will put on weight but you'll open yourself to all sorts of other serious health issues (diabetes requiring insulin shots daily; pouch problems from eating high sugar, simple carbohydrate foods). Pick meals and snacks that have nutritious value. 

Muscles weigh more than fat so depending on your abilities and health a good weight lifting routine will put on muscle weight and increase your appetite. Just don't overdo it. I knew a guy that did overdo it and got a hernia in the sensitive parts of his abdomen that were cut during surgery. Of course he had the hernia fixed and kept on going. He never let anything stop or slow him for very long.   Good luck and live healthy. 

Hi! I'm Sam. It's been two years since my J Pouch Surgery. Lots of complications such as Pouchitis, constipation, blockage, bacteria problems etc. My biggest concern is the weight loss. Over 30 pounds, and I eat well balanced, nutritional meals. I think it's because of the number of BM per day. Sometimes as many as 12 to 15. I'm not getting to keep any of the nutrients or calories in my system. Just got off a 3 week cycle of Cipro. All the symptoms stopped and within a week I had gained 5 pounds. Unfortunately you can't stay on Antibiotics because that leads to other problems. Any advice, secrets or is there any type of medication out there that works similar to Cipro? I'm desperate for a cure, and want to stop looking like a scare crow . My current Doctor just gives me lol service, and I'm now about to see a new doctor who , hopefully will have a different approach.

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