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My GI Doctor Dr J Garsten has retired. For 27 years he has helped me through this struggle from getting a total colectomy in 1995 through all the problems and ups and downs that go along with it. I have had fistulas, strictures and just about everything you can think of. He always had the latest news , treatments, and what was on the horizon for UC and Chrons , anything that would make my life better.

I am trying to follow his advice of going to a Doctor that was in his practice. I recently went to a regular appointment with him and he did not even touch me. He was more interested with typing on his computer.

I am in the midst of a pretty bad flare up. I am on the Prednisone, Cipro, and Flagyl regimen that knocks me to my knees but it works.

I have been on Humira for about 8 years now and before that was on Remicade. Now it was time to refill my prescription for Humira. I expected the normal PPD skin test for TB, Instead a QuantiFeron Gold TB blood test was ordered. It showed that I had TB. The Doctor told me that it was latent TB and if I took the Humira there was a chance it could become active.

After doing some reading the QuantiFeron Gold TB blood test is not accurate on people with immune disorders. I also read that there is a 33% chance of false positives. How come after being on Remicade and Humira TB was never an issue. I haven't traveled anywhere different. In my reading I think there was 62 people in Connecticut that were diagnosed with TB. Was I unlucky enough to come into extended contact with one of these people?

I would like to see another GI Doctor in CT that I can visit and talk to all of this about.

Does anyone have or know of a Doctor in Connecticut that they would recommend?

I apologize in advance for the long post.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Bob, where in CT are you? I live in the New Haven area. I would recommend my GI Dr. Myron Brand except he is around 70 years old and I fear he will retire soon (within 5 years), although the guy is a total workaholic and claims he has no desire or interest in retiring.  You might want to see him in any event for a consultation. He is very experienced with pouches and has a number of pouch patients, including me.

Hi Bob,
My surgeon had recommended Dr. Marano to me a while back, but I really haven’t needed anyone.  I believe he is in the same practice as Dr. Garsten.  My husband went to Dr.  Bhupinder Lyall and liked him very much, although he only had his colonoscopy with him.  I also met him at the time and liked his manner, nice guy, easy to talk with.  The guy I went to prior to surgery was Dr. Leventhal, but I personally would not recommend him.  I think he’s just too busy and maybe not as thorough because of that.  Not sure that helps much.  Good luck in your search.

If you don't mind traveling to NYC the GI group at Columbia is fantastic.

In Columbia's last Symposium they did mention another drug that has come down the pike since the Humerias and Remicades.  As I have a K pouch that lecture was of interest, but didn't take notes.  There is another Symposium next week, and if you register you can get the video.  Might not be at a convenient time.  They are excellent.  Below is info and link.  Register as a patient. Prior to the 14th an agenda will be sent, which helps to pick appropriate lectures. Although not listed as intended audience, one of the doctors told me they like patients to attend and be educated.  (If you do attend, please send me comments so I can forward them to one of the doctors involved.) Please get back to me w questions.  Jan

The Interventional IBD Symposium
January 14 - 15, 2022  ·  Live- Virtual, CME
12:50 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)

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