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I just got my indwelling catheter out so I am four weeks post op. I have to empty often and sometimes it takes about 20 minutes. In the morning I’m in the bathroom every thirty minutes. Then later it spreads out.

Will this improve as my pouch matures? It is very inconvenient and i feel like im four years back at my pre stoma days!

Anyone experience this at the beginning?

I didn’t write too much context here as to not make this a novel, but I can provide some if needed.

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@kaydbird posted:

It does get better as the pouch matures, every 30 minutes does seem a little excessive though.....

Also, you will get much faster at emptying your pouch the more you do it.  I'm now usually in and out of the bathroom in 5 minutes.  I empty 5-6 times a day right now.

Thank you! partly that is due to gas -- there is maybe 100ccs of fluid, but as soon as I put in the catheter, a huge gas burst comes out. It gets better in the afternoona nd evening, it's just the morning.

Thank you for the response! I wish this board was more active.

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