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I was 19 when they took my whole colon and I had a ileostomy for three months until I was healed enough for take down surgery. Well that went fine and now after 13 years I've had constant problems, fistulas being the worst. So now I go in for a permanent ileostomy June 10th. Is this going to be a horrible surgery like my first one?   Please help!
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Given the problems you've described you are likely to be more comfortable after the surgery. The experience could differ depending on whether the J-pouch will be removed vs. left in place. Sometimes the anus is sewn shut ("Barbie-butt"), and sometimes not. You should be clear on what's planned before the surgery.


Pouch removal is sometimes a complex surgery, since the pouch can become attached to adjacent organs. Getting rid of a failed pouch seems to get good results, though, if done by an experienced surgeon.

Thanks everyone!!! I guess my main concern is that hopefully they can get the whole j pouch out without complications. But it's got to be better than the problems I'm having now, my fistulas are in my vaginal area and rectal area so I have like 3 leaking spots. Haven't been able to be intimate (had to break it off with my fiancé because he complained everyday how he wasn't having sex) (well it's freaking painful!!!!)
I just want my quality of life to be better, and hopefully find someone that will love me for me!

I had to have my j pouch of 30 years removed due to a recurrence of high grade dysplasia.  My surgery involved pouch removal and creation of a BCIR.  The surgery went well and I had a full recovery within 6 months.  Although this is a somewhat difficult surgery, a surgeon with j pouch experience should provide you with good results.  When faced with the decisions regarding my surgery, I definitely wanted to avoid having an ileostomy based on quality of life issues.  I was especially concerned about problems with intimacy having the bag, but have read posts of those who have not had problems with that. If you opt for the end ileostomy, you can still get a BCIR or k pouch if the ileostomy does not work out to your satisfaction. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best on your surgery and finding that special guy.


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