I'm having surgery and random questions

I can't understand why you're being encouraged to walk so soon after surgery, even by members of this surgery.

 From both surgeies, colon removal and J pouch creation, which were roughly 10 years apart and at two different Hospitals; I was sent to High Dependancy Wards and I remained on an Operating Table type bed throughout, for at least 8 days and not once was I encouraged to walk, my bedding etc was changed around me, whilst I remained in bed.

Once I returned to the General Ward and in a Normal bed, it was at least another 10 days before I was encouraged to get out of bed and into a chair but I was too ill and weak, so I refused until I felt ready.

  It got to the point where my Doctors were saying , rest don't do too much, you've had extensive and major surgery, just rest but the Auxiliary Nurses wanting me out of bed because it was beneficial for theirselves.

  I only started to walk when I felt well and strong enough, which was at least maybe 15 days after my surgery.

During my first Surgery, it was after a UC flare up and during the flare up my weight had dropped to 9½ St (133lbs) from 15½ St (217lbs) I was very ill and far too weak to be walking within a day or two after surgery, in fact, it just wasn't feasible. 

During my J pouch creation, I'd not had a flare up or been prescribed any medication to prevent a flare up for nearly 10 years, I was 100% fit, no complications during or afte surgery and still not asked or encouraged to walk within a day or two after the surgery.

Andrina posted:

Strange but isn't that what they normally ask? If you keep reading this forum you'll see it a lot, no? 

It appears they do but I can't understand it. 

Andrina; you do what you feel comfortable with, follow the advice of your Surgical Team, Doctors and Nurses but don't be afraid to say you don't feel up to it, if feeling weak or ill.

During both my operations I had the epidural and open surgery and within the High Dependancy Ward, no one was encouraged to walk whilst in there.

Even when I returned to the General ward, for the first few days maybe a week I could hardly move without assistance.

When I was encouraged to walk and get out of bed, it was at least, maybe 15 days since surgery, although because I felt weak and ill, I initally refused but you do what feels right for you 

I also had open surgery and I walked to my bed after surgery and 3 times a day after the first day. Strange is possibly different due to how long ago it was and other issues like the weight lost.

Just do what you can and what your health team is suggesting.

Good luck

PouchLogic posted:

I also had open surgery and I walked to my bed after surgery and 3 times a day after the first day. Strange is possibly different due to how long ago it was and other issues like the weight lost.

Just do what you can and what your health team is suggesting.

Good luck

My first surgery to remove my bowel was April 2005.

My J pouch was created during June 2014.

My Takedown was during January 2015.

All I can say if they let you walk. Walk. I didn't. I had regretted that since. It took me so much longer to get back. I was encouraged to walk.  I did some but not enough. 

If they say not to then you can't. But if you can do it. No matter how much it hurts or how much of a pain in the a** it is to drag all the stuff with you.   


(I know everyone hates the tube. But I was backed up and nothing was going through. This was the second time I went back because of blockage.  But when it was inserted it was immediate relief.. Omgoodness it felt so good. I filled a large bag of green ugly liquid fairly quickly. The relief was immense.) 

Yes I've had the tube in ever since. It doesn't bother me. The output in the tube gets less and less and today I even saw some clear output in it. 

I did my four walks today! And I walked in the circle. The hallway had a circle so I don't have to walk back and forth but just follow the floor and I'll get right back where I started. On one of my walks I saw my surgeon and I got to ask a few questions. Definitely worth it. 

My stoma output is still very watery. I changed my bag for the first time. Under supervision of the nurse but I did everything myself. She said she prefers Hollister because the adhesive is less disturbing to the skin. She said the Convatech is a dinosaur. And she made a good point about the two piece. She says if after two days the bag gets yucky I just put a new bag and I keep the wafer if it's still sticking well. She recommends changing the wafer twice a week. She gave me a discharge kit with 5 bags, 3 wafers and adhesive remover spray. She says less is more. She'll order my first month. She will not do house visits. I'll ask my doctor tomorrow if he can get me a home nurse for the first few weeks maybe. 

I'm pleased your doing well Andrina.

 I can understand why your Stoma Nurse said less is more, as not to overwhelm you,  but once you're out of hospital, you need to use as many products as necassary to make life with a stoma, whether temporary or not, as easy as possible.

In regard to ConvaTec being a Dinosaur, she's so wrong and the Hospital probably has a supply contract with Hollister.

I was told the very same and I also left the Hospital with Hollister supplies; the Hospital even had them delivered to my home.

I persevered using Hollister products but they didn't work, I had nothing but trouble; developing excruciating skin errosion around my stoma due to leakage; it was a huge relief to return to using the ConvaTec products.

I also used the two piece appliance but by ConvaTec, which offer a mouldable self adhesive wafer, so there's no faffing around cutting wafers to size, ( I don't believe Hollister provide mouldable wafers).

I would wear the wafer for 3 to 4 days, as it start to look grubby by then, also the adhesive edges begin to peel away from the skin a little, but it never leaked.

Prior to my J pouch creation and the Temp Loop ileostomy, I had a stoma for nearly 10 year and my output was too thick to use the elephants trunk drainable bags successfully, so I used a Non vented ConvaTec closed bag, which I would just remove the bag from the wafer, replace with a new bag than empty contents of old bag down the toilet and throw it away; for me, this was preferably than the drainable bags and I reverted to this with my Temp Ileostomy too, until takedown.


Ditto with not listening to her about hollister, probably getting kick backs from them. I’ve seen a lot of people including myself having issues with hollister and it not sticking. Convatec worked really good for myself. Try as many as you can. Hope the throwing up doesn’t turn into a thing. I know it hurts bad. I hope it passes.

The vomiting is not good for the sutures. The concern is the heaves will rip open the wound causing infection. If it’s a one and done vomit that’s probably no harm but repeated episodes with violent spasmodic wretches and heaves are not good and the NG tube could come into play if that happens. 

I would suggest weaning off pain meds as this could be the culprit and usually is with non-lieus vomiting.

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