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My pouch is 30 years old, I’m 61 and I think that I’m ready to have my pouch removed.  There have been many issues over the years.  Today I had a seton placed for a perianal fistula by Dr. Juliet Ray in S. Florida.  She trained with Dr.Remzi at NY Langone and Dr. Wexner at CC.  There are multiple issues other than the fistula that have to be addressed if it’s possible.  My husband is retiring soon and we want to go on some long awaited adventures and live a nice life here in Jupiter, Fl after growing up in Upstate NY.  I’m so tired.

I’m worried that this is the beginning of a slide downward to more and worse complications and pain.  I just don’t want to be afraid 24/7 like I have been since 1994.

I know that the surgery is tough, but I’m willing to take the chance.

Has anyone been through the excision?
I would like to read your stories.

Thank you!

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