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I began taking Humira the end of February. Unfortunately I"m unable to tolerate it as I have developed leg pain in both legs from the glute to the foot as well as severe neuropathy on the left, way less intense on the right. My doctors have recommended Entiviyo as the best option since taking a TNF blocker is out of the question. My insurance company denied the request stating I should try Remicade and Simponi first which are both TNF blockers. Doctors obviously appealing this, but it totally sucks that your health insurance company can over rule a doctor's recommendation.  Hoping this gets resolved in a timely fashion.

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Imagine a world where you get the healthcare you need based on what's best for your health.

I'm sorry this is happening to you and I feel for every American who has to deal with the stress of privatized healthcare on top of everything else. Its criminal the way the dollar comes before the person.

I hope you can get it sorted with minimal stress.

Still trying to sort it out 1993SPOUCH! More my doctor's office slow in getting it's act together, which is ridiculous to say the Ieast!  (This is a NYC doctor, my NJ doctor will probably appeal it since NYC is taking so long!) I think had the medication been requested with supporting documentation as to why the change it would have been approved. I just take it one day at a time!

I agree ins co. Are the worst it's all comes down to monew not helping people. The medicine that really helped me when I went on medicare said no won't pay for it which is 1500.00 a month. Doctors know nothing about cost of medicine said try this 2000.00 a month. It does not help as much but did alot of research and found compounding pharmacy that make it just for me and it's 120.00 a month. It's a suppositories and that's the way it goes. I even had my special from cleveland clinic my primary doctor and therapist and state senator write letters on my behalf and they still denied it and they all were shocked but there is only so much you can do. But don't give up the fight write to your state senator and doctors on your behalf. Stay strong



Try Costco pharmacy to see if they charge less than regular drugstores. I found Florastor there, same number of capsules, same name, but $25 less than my regular drugstore. They also carry brand name drugs under their own Costco branding. I found my allergy medicine, Claritin and Reactine, but under a completely different name, same ingredients. The pharmacist at the counter confirmed this. It was almost $20 less for the box!

I feel ya I'm over doctors, insurance companies etc., soooooo over IT.... shoot I need emotional help, physical such as joint pain, lower back & knees are going crazy right about now.  Lord Help Us!! Know one seems to care anymore so sad! How are we suppose to try different things to get better if they dont approve it smh they don't want us to get better.  Someone stated they feel sorry for Americans heathcare must be alot better other places.


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