Well, it's finally going to happen. July 3rd is the day for part 1 of
a 2 step operation. Dr. Varma wants to do a 2 step due to the many years
of being on and off of prednisone. Eight weeks to step 2 if all goes well.

I've got the time scheduled to be off of work and just have to tie up all
the loose ends these next couple of weeks. I'm kind of in a daze right now
thinking about it, this will probably turn to sheer terror as the 3rd moves
closer. Surgery freaks me out and this is gonna be a big one. Eeker
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Good Luck on your surgery. I am almost 10 weeks post op from takedown. I had a couple of set backs with step 1 and step 2 but all in all I am doing really well as I am sure you will too. This forum will help you alot. It was a lifesaver for me and I didn't go into the surgery with blinders on that is for sure! Keep us posted on your progress and if you have any questions post them and you will get answers / suggestions pretty quickly.
Yeah I was totally freaked out when the day came too but it was all good and you will do great. I had a two step procedure as well. I am so grateful for this surgery. Think positive thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Smiler
You'll feel better once it's all over and you have a new j-pouch! Getting used to the temp ileostomy comes quickly, and your second surgery will creep up fast. The idea of surgery is scary, but remember that you'll feel a lot better once you get it over with. Just keep a positive attitude, it really helps.
Thank's for the encouragement everybody!

I went through a major surgery once already back in my teens. I had
two lobes of my left lung surgically removed due to a major infection
caused by pneumonia. Between the pneumonia and the surgery I spent close
to half a year in the hospital. After that I have a hard time even walking
into a hospital to visit someone. Sure was hopeing my that hospital
stay days were over for good and then colitis came along.
Well at least you know what you'll be in for, and how the j-pouch will be much easier to go through then that!
Well that's sort of perfect. It will be YOUR independence day. The very best of luck with your surgery. I hear only very good things about Dr. Varma!

kathy Big Grin

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