I'm one month out of my last surgery. My J-pouch is reattached. I work in an office where I sit in front of a desk all day but now I have pressure in my bum and I find it very hard to sit comfortably. Will this get better with time? 

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I didn't even try to sit for the first 4 weeks, just lying or hunched standing.  After that I was in a hard chair (couldn't handle a settee), I remember getting out of a car was a real chore for 3 months or so.  So yeah it should ease, that said although it was all uncomfortable, I was able to discern and improvement over time...


Keep an eye on it, perhaps keep a pain diary recording what it feels like (burning, stabbing, tearing, tingling etc) and the intensity.. also note the type of surface and duration to help you determine if it's getting better.. when your in pain in can seem to last forever, but in practice your probally recovering well.


If you cant see it, definately mention it to a doc..

Yep, that did take a couple of months to go away.  For me hard chairs were the worst.   For me the pain was worst when I changed position, so I could sit to work - it hurt more when I sat down or got up.   

Andrina posted:

I really hope so. People are looking at me funny because I don't sit normal :/

I can almost assure you, people are not looking at you funny because of how you sit. If they do, so what. You are healing. As the others have said, it will definitely take time.....and maybe a pillow, non-NSAID pain relievers, gentle skin care, etc.

They sell various coccyx cushions-I’ve used several different ones over the years-an oval donut shaped one as well as a square one with a wedge shape and a cat out near the back-can really help take the pressure off back there if/when you are sore.


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