If you are just out of the hospital I don't think you have to worry too much . Initial week or 2 are really hard to pass. Too many bms , constant urge , pain at stoma site but things get better every passing day believe me . I came to a point where I thought it was a wrong decision to go for a reversal but in a few weeks things settled. I can now say I as good and normal as I can be.

The only supplement I used post takedown was pysillium husk in large amounts. That helps in bulking alot.

That’s extended release.  I never take anything time released.  They gave me that after my last surgery and 3 days later I ended up in severe pain with an intestinal blockage and had to sit it in the hospital for 12 days.

Glad pain is better. Hope you’re healing well.

Nothing they gave me was extended release. I'm aware I might not be able to absorb it. 

Little anecdote from the wake up room. I was nauseous and I requested Phenergan because zoloft never helps. My IV wasn't fitting for a dose so they discussed giving me a rectal suppository. I had just woken up and I kept telling them "I don't have a rectum anymore". Not sure why they still tried to give it to me. When I finally convinced them I ended up with a small shot and that was OK. 

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