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hi to every one

3 years ago doctors saye i have fap and i surgery for remove all the colon

(I had two difficult surgeries in one month. Once to remove the colon and make j pouch.Then a severe abdominal infection and second surgery)

for 1.5 years i have ilestomy .(leaking of pouch for 1 years)

after that the leak is stop and close the ilestomy in this 1.5 years i burn very very

each time i used gell of ledokaeen but some dayes is good

some days is very very bad

i eat tea suger .Lavash Bread (iranian withe bread ).peanut butter .

and many things

dear borislav wath is your problem ??

who your burn is stoped???

i burn for 1.5 year.please help me .my docor is the hospitall chairman and cannot see us (corona is come in iran very bad.please help me .i baging yours

I beg you to help me.
I burn a lot

I beg you to help me.
I burn a lot

I beg you to help me.
I burn a lot

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Due to the type of mucosatectomy surgery and the inability to maintain too much stool and at the diagnosis of doctors and the presence of acids, enzymes and bile salts in the stool because they are not absorbed by the small intestine and mucus does not cause burns.
Just like when they have a colostomy bag and the excrement spilled on the skin burns.
But the main problem is the inability to leave the house and a lot of defecation during the day, which severely reduces the quality of life and burning and pain in the anus.
Every time I get up from my computer chair, I feel like bathing

Here is what works for me:

1.  I take Imodium to slow down my gut.

2. I drink cultured buttermilk to change the ph and restore normal flora

3. I use a salve called Calmoseptine.

4. I use Metamucil powder mixed in milk or ice cream to bulk up my stool.
5.  I do not eat fried foods very often. Keep a food diary.  Some foods will trigger you to have liquid stools.  For example, I do not eat blueberries.

hope this helps

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