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Hi All, due for my first pouchoscopy next week, ive seen the responses to bubbas post below.  Had my pre-op consultation today and the doc was useless and he had no clue about pouchs and the prep required.   I think he was a trainee...not worried though as my surgeon is actaully doing the scope....anyway


1) He told me to stop taking loperomide 5 days before the procedure.  Is that really necessary?  it will lead to a difficult time in work if so...

2) He didnt know when i should stop taking the fibre supplements (i take inulin which makes a clear liquid)

3) I also only have one sachet of Klean-Prep (doctor thought i should have 4, but i did double check at the time and my surgeon was certain 1 sachet was sufficient).  I dont have an enema or anything.


Any tips / thoughts gratefully received

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As to 1- probably, because he does not want your bowels slowed down.  You will be taking laxatives to prepare and bowel slowers kind of defeat the purpose of cleaning out the bowels.  You want a clean scope.

2) I have been told to stop taking all solids after noon the day before the scope

3) have no idea what Klean-Prep is.  I drink a clear-colored bottle of Magnesium Citrate the night before and take a Fleet enema 2 hours before leaving for the procedure the day of, and it does the trick.

Good luck.

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My doc said stop immodium 24 hours before but I’m sure every doc is different. I can’t imagine going 5 days without it if your having a lot of symptoms. If it’s just a routine pouchoscopy then maybe you don’t take that many immodium and maybe it’s not a problem. 

i did the magnesium citrate bottle the night before and the enemy the morning of the procedure. The enema the morning of was a little useless since nothing more came out. I see why they do it, but maybe your doc doesn’t see it as necessary. They all have their reasons. I wouldn’t worry too much. Like Scott says, they suck the residue out anyhow so as long as you do your best. 

good luck! 

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