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Hi all,

Can any ladies who have had hysterectomy let me know in general how it went for you?

Im getting a lapro biopsy tomorrow but they already know, from everything that was observable on the outside, that my uterus and cervix are covered in pre cancer cells and there is significant dysplasia. According to my doctor, I’m as close to cancer as you can be without having it, though he wants to be sure it hasn’t already developed inside of the uterus hence the biopsy. Either way, even if I’m only on the verge of having it, removal seems necessary. He definitely voiced a few reservations due to my JPouch, and believe me, I have them too, but I don’t want a cancer bomb in my body either.

All that being said, how were your experiences, and do think lapro or open surgery would be the wiser route? 

Many thanks!

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Hi Aimee,

short story: have had my j-pouch since 1996. I’m 55 now. 

In May of 2106 though, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a complete hysterectomy in August 2016. I’ve also had a lot of chemotherapy. I had my hysterectomy by robotic surgery. The good news is that everything went really well and my j-pouch has never been happier. 

My colo-rectal surgeon was there in case she was needed for any complications, but there weren’t any. 

My j-pouch had a really hard time with the chemo though. Sadly I’m having a reoccurrence now after 3 amazing cancer free years. Boo

Ask me anything. I’m here for you.


Wow, you’ve really been through it. What a champ you are. I am sorry to hear that cancer has made a return. Having seen a friend, a nephew, and my father in law, face it in the course of the last few years, I’m keenly aware of just how wicked it can be. 

I will be thinking of you and sending prayers your way. One of my main concerns, aside from the big obvious one, in facing cancer is the the notion of what a nightmare it would be for my pouch.

Reading that the hysterectomy itself went well for you is encouraging as I’ve read instances in which it has not for others. Also, I had my j-pouch done at the Cleveland Clinic and live in the the metro DC so I am far removed from the surgeon and facility i have a great deal of trust in. Which isn’t to say the surgeon I’ve been referred to isn’t good, he is, it’s just that I fear he has little experience with us j-pouchers, and his observable nervousness to preform a hysterectomy on me has given me pause. It would be diffidult but I’m wondering if I should return to the Cleveland Clinic to address this. I’d certainly feel more comfortable with my j-pouch surgeon at least in the loop.

It is likely I will have more questions for you as things go along so I reallly appreciate you extending an offer advice for continued “counsel”. I am guessing you will soon begin, or already are undergoing chemo again, so if you ever want to vent, feel free. I’m no expert on the matter but I am seriously a good listener and would be happy if that was something small I could do for you. Plus, I’m good for a laugh or two.

Best wishes, CJB!


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I had my hysterectomy before my j-pouch surgeries. I have read in here about involvement with j-pouches. In one particular they had to remove her uterus as it was attached or wrapped around her j-pouch. They knew this before going in. If I were you I woukd at least call Cleveland. The practice of having a colorectal surgeon in during the hysterectomy is common. I know it is a pain having surgery away from home as I live around 4 hours from Mayo but feel better getting my surgeries there.

Best wishes for your surgery and recovery!

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