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Hi friends!

Im having a rough bout of pouchitis that I can’t seem to bounce back from. I did see Dr. Shen in NYC and the plan going forward is hyperbaric treatment, Entyvio, EGCg supplement and biofeedback. I’m currently undergoing wound treatment for a poor beat up tush. Having a hard time getting into HBO from the health system, insurance etc. so fingers crossed. Can you tell me about your experience with HBO? Was it successful?

Thank you and hope you are all taking good care!

Julie (J-pouch for 16 years)

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I finished 30 sessions earlier this month and have had very good results.  My pain level was 8-9 and I had 25-30 trips to the bathroom per day when I started.  My pain level now is between 2-4 and I have 10-15 trips per day.  My body has responded very well and the doctors have ordered 30 more sessions which I started last week.  My issues may be different from yours but there is probably some crossover.  When I started I had 4 fissures, mild pouchitis and bad damage to the cuff due to a combination of UC and radiation damage. It is a noninvasive therapy with low potential for side effects.  I also had some other treatments and meds.  I had the Botox shot and Kenalog steroids for the fissures which helped.

I wish you the very best!  Please ask any questions you may have. (I've done a ton of research)

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