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Since I can not afford and most pharmacies do not carry the budesonide enema, would the ANI hydrocortisone enema be useful since it is more affordable and available.  I have stomach adhesions and inflammation of the j pouch and partial blockage which has been going on over a month (I had the hiatal hernia robotic laproscopic surgery in August and it aggravated my adhesions which inflamed the jpouch.  I am taking visdionne 900 billion a day.  Please let me know your opinion of the ANI vs. the Budesonide (which I can't get).  Or is there another one I am not aware of.  Thank you everyone for any input and advice.  Seth

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Are you talking about Uceris, the budesonide foam enema? I live on the West Coast and am getting it. I know the hydrocortisone foam enema has been unavailable for years. I used hydrocortisone suppositories for a while. They helped, but eventually quit working. There also used to be a liquid hydrocortisone enema which I could never keep in long enough for it to do any good.

Good luck. This is a tough disease.

I think you are talking about Cortenema:

It's been around since at least the 1970s, and I was using it in the 1970s as a kid to treat UC. They were somewhat effective early on, not so much later.

Cortenema is typically prescribed for UC patients and I have never heard of Cortenema being prescribed for pouchitis. In my pouch years I was prescribed Budesonide foam enemas and Rowasa enemas.  The issue was that I couldn't hold the enemas in long enough for them to be effective.

The Cortenemas might be helpful if you can hold them in, but in the long run pouchitis is best controlled with antibiotics or biological meds.

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