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Had my surgery in 2001.  The years add up.  Hydration has been an issue for me since the beginning.  It’s landed me in the hospital a couple times, because I just didn’t understand it well or payed attention to the symptoms.  I have found, instead of sports drinks...  don’t like the artificial sugars... in a glass put 4 to 5 shakes of salt, 3 to 4 teaspoons of lemon juice, and fill with water.  1/2 teaspoon of sugar can be added but have found that is not really necessary.  This works very well for me.  Interesting that it works where just glasses of water don’t.  Hope it is helpful to those of you having this issue.  

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I've been trying Nuun which is an electrolyte tablet you mix with water. It is available on Amazon. It is for athletes and has only 1 gram of sugar.  It is working very well as it does not increase my trips to the bathroom or cause diarrhea.  I have had issues in the past with dehydration with my ostomy which I had for 15 months and was having similar issues after my takedown. I am now 7 weeks post takedown. 

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I am always tired and my numbers are good.  I try drinking water all day and that doesn't seem to help my tiredness.  Maybe I should be drinking electrolyte water?I do remember the surgeon telling me to drink electrolyte water after I left the hospital after my surgery.  Thanks for posting I will try the electrolyte water and see if that is the problem.     Thanks  Grace

Hey Grace,

I’ve also found to assist with fatigue..  along with hydration water...I take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement.  If you haven’t tried them yet, may I recommend Smarty Pants Womens vitamins and Smarty Pants Adult minerals.  I felt for along time being tired and “off” and feeling “creepy”. I think minerals have helped a lot.  We have researched extensively into the specifics of vitamins and found the Smarty Pants brand to be a pretty good product.  Wishing you the best...  isn’t this great fun!!  

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